Robin Sokoloff operates Loft227 and SCENE, 2 niche hi-tech venue spaces in midtown Manhattan.  It was in partnership with Robin that Hustle Creative began developing its signature brand of mobile no-bullshit back end support.  Hustle first simplified and automated client communications, enabling Robin to hand off client emails and calls entirely.  Next, Hustle Creative took over issuing rental contracts, giving Robin as owner a professional and pleasant distance from client negotiations, which enabled the event spaces to fetch a higher rental rate.  Next, we hacked existing free software to provide her growing sales team with the ability to handle sales and team communications entirely on-the-go from their smartphones.  Once Hustle took over the bookkeeping, Loft227 and SCENE had a seamless, automated back end system providing simple data insights and reliable client relations management for a very low cost.

“Starting a new business is so challenging. It took every minute I had at first; and a few I definitely didn’t have! Bringing Magan and her team onboard was the single most profitable decision I’ve ever made. Inside of one year, Hustle Creative brought my business from a start-up, to a full scale enterprise. She freed me up from all the day-to-day details, so I could truly enjoy the soft side of what I wanted of my business to be; for me and my clients. Hustle Creative’s services are top-notch, and I can’t recommend them enough. Magan comes armed with a ‘take no prisoners’ attitude on best business practices that will dramatically raise your sales. I own an event space. It’s a fast paced business that revolves around referrals. Thanks to her diligence on book keeping and contracts, meticulous follow-up on referrals, and stellar client communications, we’ve so quickly expanded to include a second, much larger location to provide our event clients. It may seem like the impossible, but Hustle Creative did the bulk of this work remotely, with little to no direction on my part – but knew exactly when appropriate to ask for direction or clarification on more complicated deals. Wow. It’s almost unbelievable reading back on how far we’ve come so fast! 

Without the infrastructure Hustle Creative provided me, owning a business felt like I bought myself not one job, but four jobs I don’t particularly like. What’s the point? Get Magan and her team onboard, and get back to enjoying what you do. “

-Robin Sokoloff

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