“I had come to the point where I was beyond just myself.” —Erin Hogan-Braker, President, 7th Bone Tailoring and Stitched Up NYC.

Erin tailors global advertising campaigns for Victoria’s Secret, Brook’s Brother’s, American Eagle, Ralph Lauren, Jennifer Lopez, Ryan Seacrest, and more.  She arrived in New York ten years ago and began apprenticing with master tailors and pattern-makers.  She soon found herself tailoring on-set with Ralph Lauren and Brooks Brothers in the fast-growing world of e-commerce fashion shoots.  Erin is an incredible tailor, and like most creative entrepreneurs, started a business because she found herself with more work than she could handle.  She began contracting work out to other tailors, training them along the way in the specific techniques needed for e-commerce, as well as her own arsenal of techniques learned from old-school master tailors.  Her clientele expanded to included advertising campaigns with top clothing and cosmetics brands, as well as celebrity appearances.


AE Campaign tailored by 7th Bone

Hustle Creative initially came on board to clean up and streamline 7th Bone’s bookkeeping.  7th Bone had a Quicbooks account which had not been maintained or properly used. “As your average business owner/civilian, you don’t know how Quickbooks functions, you don’t your tax liabilities, and that’s why you go to a bookkeeper, to help straighten that out so in my experience, I’ve not been able to tell that I was receiving bad advice until months into the experience, ” Erin explains.  After a couple months of cleanup and consultation, 7th Bone has a clean set of books which yield accurate date insights into her rapidly growing business, and make billing her clients accurate and easy. In her words, “I feel protected. I feel like I have someone that is seeking out my money. I feel that no stone is left unturned in trying to recoup expenses from my vendors. I have 100% trust that every outstanding invoice is being followed up on.”

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