We love applying our brand of mobile, hi-tech, no-bullshit operations support to a live theater production or film shoot.  The standard model is paper-based, slow-moving and time-heavy.  We create an entirely virtual workspace for your team using free software applications, allowing them to work from their smartphones any time of the day.

    • Budget creation, supervision, and reconciliation
      Artist and crew contracts
      Expense tracking
      Custom box office infrastructure and procedures
      Risk management and insurance compliance

Are you a small theater or film with an upcoming production?

Our services are cheaper than you think, and will free you up to direct, act, write – whatever you love.

scaleable management for new theater project.

We created an entirely virtual workspace for our team using free Google software applications, allowing our busy artists to work from their smartphones any time of the day.

resourceful production support for award-winning indy short film.

Bloody Mary, directed by Jono Freedrix, is a twisted comedy about shaking up the social norms and “over-sharing”.’ Hustle jumped on board with this dark comedy just before filming, secured a location for the shoot at our client’s space Loft227, and provided on-site location coordination for a cast and crew of more than 30. If you have a great project, […]

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