MONTHLY BASIC $150/month.

  • Great for part-time businesses, individuals, and start-ups
  • Save time & money by capturing expenses and income throughout the year instead of trying to remember at tax season
  • Ongoing data insight into your business’ health
  • Another pair of eyes on your accounts to catch fraud and unnecessary charges
  • Includes:
    • Quickbooks Essentials  subscription – expense tracking and financial reporting
    • HubDoc subscription – digital filing for receipts and all financial documents
    • Monthly reconciliation of business checking, saving, and credit card accounts
    • Monthly review of unidentified/unrecognized expenses, and audit prep for travel/meal expenses
    • Monthly generation of P&L and balance sheet, emailed as PDF to you.
    • Year-end coordination with your accountant on annual financial docs needed for taxes
    • Reduced hourly rate for additional assistance as needed.

BASIC PLUS$250/month. 

  • Great for individuals, start-ups, and small businesses who use online merchant services.
  • Best option for businesses who rely heavily on cash or check transactions.
  • You receive all the services in the basic package PLUS:
    • Quickbooks PLUS subscription:
      • track profitability for multiple locations or divisions of your business
      • track billable hours for clients
      • allow limited access for employees and contractors to enter time
    • Weekly maintenance of Quickbooks or Xero account
    • Categorize PayPal, Venmo, Amazon, and Square payments appropriately; split credit card fees from sales.
    • Track loans and equity draws/contributions
    • Set up and monitor bill pay (5 vendors)
    • Remote advisor assistance as needed for questions and issues.
    • Reduced hourly rate for additional assistance needed.

ADD-ON SERVICES – Varies; please get in touch below for free quote.

  • Payroll administration
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Budgeting and cash flow forecasts
  • Insurance policy research and admin

SETUP/CLEANUP/QUARTERLY CHECK-IN – $50/hour, 4 hour minimum.  Setup, cleanup or troubleshooting for new or poorly maintained Quickbooks or Xero accounts.  We can:

  • Set up your Quickbooks or Xero account and teach you how to use it
  • Untangle a poorly maintained account, including payroll and tax payment transactions.
  • Help cleanup prior year transactions and reconstruct your fiscal year to ready for extension tax filing.

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